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Pride Bundle box

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This exclusive C&R Pride Bundle is a little bundle of LGBT+ support all tucked into one neat little box!

Each bundle includes:

  • an exclusive mini soap bar from us, a vibrant rainbow swirl bar scented in palo santo ("infused with natural essential oils including elemi and does not contain any [real] palo Santo").
  • a shea butter lip balm from us, randomly selected from one of 8 flavors: kahlua, coconut milk & peaches, cotton candy, chocolate bon bon, pink lemonade, pear, watermelon, or green apple.
  • a mini inclusive pride flag.
  • a rainbow pride silicone bracelet.
  • a rainbow ribbon pin created by NightElf (one of our fantastic mods!).
  • a randomly selected 1 3/4 inch button by Boldegoist.  There are 14 different buttons!
  • a randomly selected mini art print from a queer artist!  We purchased from 4 different artists, including:


The art prints and buttons were all purchased directly from their creators, so please make sure to send them some love even if you didn't get one of their prints in your box!  This current batch is a run of 90 limited edition boxes.  We hope to do this again soon and support more queer creators by purchasing their pieces to include in the box and feature their work!  Future boxes will contain fun new pieces to check out.