About Us

Cat and Raven Designs is a small queer owned business that started in January 2019. We operate out of our home in Rancho Cordova, California and specialize in LGBTQ+ Pride soaps. We also offer a permanent lineup of soap designs as well as four new limited themed designs a month. Our soaps are cold process bar soaps.

Who are we?

Cat (they/them) is the creative agent of chaos, Glitter Goddex, and bringer of that something extra to all of our endeavors. They moved into Raven's family's home in 2021 with their child. As a military veteran, they have lived in a variety of places but spent the most time in Utah. They're big fans of videogames, books, and puzzles.

Raven (she/her) is the numbers gal, handling the accounting, video editing, and organization of our business. She is mom to two kiddos and wife to our House Cryptid, David. An Army Brat, Raven is used to change in her life but has spent the most time living in California. She loves documentaries, drawing, and videogames.

How did we meet?

It's a funny story! Raven's spouse David is a big fan of LARP (Live Action Role Play) and was playing in a local game when he met Cat. Upon chatting, they discovered Cat only lived about a block down the street from David & Raven's house and our kids went to the same school. Carpooling to game brought Cat to the house, where they met Raven and the two immediately hit it off. It wasn't long before Cat and their kiddo started coming over more regularly, we started helping each other out with getting the kids to school, and it all came together.
TLDR; Raven stole David's friend, fed them, and like a stray cat they hung around.

Where do we stand?

We are members of the LGBTQ+ community and we support all our community members, including transgender folks. We support transgender kids (and adults!) getting the care and support they need.
We believe Black Lives Matter.
We support BIPOC communities.
Racism is real and as white people, we need to actively work to be anti-racist and dismantle the systems that are in place that further racism.
We vaccinate ourselves and our children.
We are pro-choice and believe safe abortions are part of proper medical care.
All Cops Are Bastards.
Climate change is real.
Sex work is real work.
Housing is a human right.
Access to healthcare and education should not just be privilege.

We're hoping to make this our full time jobs and all of your support means so much to us.