Are your soaps okay for sensitive skin?

This is a common question that can be a little hard to answer!  Everyone's skin is different and what one person is sensitive to may not be the same for the next person.  Each of our products includes a list of ingredients for you to check if you know a particular material and your skin don't get along.  If you're not sure, we recommend trying out our sample pack or a mini bar so you don't have to commit to a full bar.  We also try to keep a design on hand that is unscented and as gentle as possible.


How many soaps are included in a listing?

Each of our listings is for one bar of soap, unless otherwise noted.  We show photos of multiple bars to display the variety present in all of our handmade bars.


Do you ship to XXX place/Why is shipping $X?

We ship worldwide!  So long as USPS will accept the address, we are able to ship there.  We do our best to keep shipping costs low for our customers in both the US and abroad and often ship flat rate to keep those costs low when possible.  We are a small business owned and operated by two people, so we have little control over shipping costs.  We do our best!

For the US, if your order weighs more than about 13oz, it will go out as USPS Priority Mail.  Under 13oz generally ships USPS First Class.  Because we ship from the US, international order shipping rates vary depending on the destination country.


My package shows delivered but I don't have it, where is it?

Sometimes the USPS will display something as delivered when it hasn't been.  We recommend giving it a few days to see if your package arrives.  If it doesn't, please consider filing a claim with the USPS for a missing package.  Once we drop off a package with the post office, we transfer liability to them and are not responsible if they do not deliver it.  We do not offer refunds or replacement items when this happens.  As a small business, we cannot afford to offer replacements when the carrier is at fault.  If an item is missing from your package once you receive it, please contact us.


Why is there lye in your soaps?  Won't that burn my skin?

Sodium hydroxide (lye) is needed to make bar soap happen!  The lye and oils combine in a chemical reaction called saponification.  When this process is complete, no lye remains in the finished product.  Just nice clean, skin safe soap!


Can I have you reserve some bars for me?

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to reserve bars.  Some of our designs sell out very quickly and we understand wanting to make sure you get one too!  We may look into doing a pre-order on some designs in the future but we can't guarantee stock at the moment.


Help, I put the wrong address on my order!

Please contact us as soon as possible!  If your order has not shipped, we can update the address.  If you've already received a notification that your order has shipped, it is too late for us to change it.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to double check the correct shipping address is used.  If your order is returned to us, we are happy to invoice shipping to you so we can send it out again to the correct address.


I received my order and I don't like one of the scents/I want to return or exchange my order.

Due to the nature of what we make, we cannot accept returns.  All sales are final.  If there is something wrong with your order (like damaged or missing items), please contact us.


I saw a you make a design on [Social Media Site] but I don't see it here on the site!  Where is it?

We currently do a large release of soaps once a month, typically on the last Friday of the month.  So our video channels may show designs that are not available yet but will be soon.  We try to include release dates on those videos.  We also don't make the same designs every month, so the design you're looking for may not be available at the moment!


The soap I want is sold out!  When is it coming back?

Not all of our designs are in our lineup every month.  Currently, we restock our LGBTQ+ series bars monthly, along with a select few other designs.  Otherwise, many of our designs are limited run and may not be available again in the near future.  Snag them while you can!


Do you offer cart security?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot offer cart security.  Whoever checks out first gets it!  We recommend having an account already created before a launch to help speed up checkout and being here as soon as the shop opens on launch day.  Good luck!


Do you make custom soaps?

At the moment, we have had to step away from custom loaves.  When time allows, we may re-open this option.