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Bubble BBs solid bubble bath

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  • Snu-Snu is scented in strawberry champagne: fresh sweet strawberries blended with sparkling champagne.
  • Queen Persephone is scented in champagne pomegranate:  grapefruit, lemon & orange blended with red fruit and a twist of crushed pomegranate seeds.  Topped with a sparkling champagne scent.
  • Berry Boo is scented in black raspberry vanilla:  ripe black raspberries mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla.
  • Dating the Moon is scented in moon flower:  night blooming jasmine, fresh red roses, sweet lilies with cinnamon, clove and anise.
  • $3/ea or 4 for $10


  • ~1.5oz (may vary from scoop to scoop).
  • Enough for 1 bath each.
  • Comes with an organza bag for ease of use.
  • Hold under the faucet while filling your tub, then swish hands vigorously in the water to increase bubbles.
  • Ingredients: baking soda, SLSa (sodium lauryl sulfoacetate), cream of tartar, cornstarch, vegetable glycerin, cocoa butter, polysorbate 80, skin safe fragrance, skin safe micas, and biodegradable glitters.  Some colors may also contain FD&C colorants.