SOAP VAULT: Blessing or a Curse soap

SOAP VAULT: Blessing or a Curse soap


This is an archive listing of our previous soap designs in case a customer needs information on soaps we have offered previously.

Scent: White Tea and Pear.  Described as Southern sweet tea, sparkling bergamot and crisp sliced pears with a light whisper of fresh cut wood. Top notes of bergamot, lemon, and apple are enhanced by middle notes of peach with a woody bottom note.

Ingredients: olive oilcoconut oilpalm oil (RSPO)sodium hydroxidealmond oilcastor oil, canola oil, sodium lactate, fragrance, micas, kaolin clay, glycerin melt & pour, and biodegradable glitter.

Size: Aprox. 4-5 oz (113-140g).  Because our soaps are handmade and hand cut, they may vary slightly in weight from bar to bar.

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