Looking for Dollightful soap bars?

Hi friend!

If you've come here from Dollightful's awesome video unboxing the soaps we sent to her ( view here ) or maybe from the video we posted making soaps for her ( view here ), you might be looking to purchase one of the bars for yourself!


We did a collaboration with Katherine to make the Dollightful inspired bars with the agreement that we would not continue to use her name/brand/IP beyond the initial release and 1 remake of the design.  We think this is fair and respectful to her and all the hard work she puts into her brand!  We no longer offer that design but are hoping to eventually add a pastel galaxy back into our lineup to go along with our other galaxy soap Big Bang.


So thank you so much for interest and make sure to go send lots of love to Katherine over on her YouTube channel and her Instagram!  She's a lovely person and a delight to work with!


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