LGBTQ+ Pride soaps and our Permanent Lineup of bar soaps

Hey Soap Fam!

Around here we specialize in cold process soap (bar soap made from scratch!).  We do make a special collection every month of 4-5 artisan soap designs but we also keep a permanent lineup of soaps available all year round.

Want to learn a little more about Cat and Raven?  Check our About Us page or our YouTube channel!  We also have an FAQ about our store and our soaps.

Here's a list of the soaps we do our best to keep in stock all the time, regardless of that month's collection theme.  If one of these designs is currently out of stock, fear not, it will be eventually restocked!  Here's the list of our permanent designs:

Like My Soul

Lavender Fields Forever

Big Bang

From the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag collection:

Pride (Gay pride flag)

Uhaulin' (Lesbian pride flag)

Big Bi Energy (Bisexual pride flag)

This Is Me (Transgender pride flag)

Rather Eat Cake (Asexual pride flag)

Theydies and Gentlethem (Nonbinary pride flag)

PANdemonium (Pansexual pride flag)

Demi-Deity (Demisexual pride flag)

404: Gender Not Found (Agender pride flag)

Non-Newtonian (Genderfluid pride flag)

Polyglamorous (Polyamory pride flag)

Nopeless Romantic (Aromantic pride flag)

Demi Goddess (Demi girl pride flag)

Demi God (Demi boy pride flag)

All Together Now (inclusive pride flag)

From the Dorothy collection:

Over the Rainbow

Poppy Field

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Yellow Brick Road

Ruby Slippers

No Place Like Home

Not in Kansas Anymore

Lollipop Guild

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