10% of monthly proceeds donated to LGBTQ+ support!

About Us

Cat and Raven Designs is a small business run by two nerdy, gothy, and very dorky moms out of Raven's home in Rancho Cordova, California.  We make handmade soap, specifically cold process bar soaps!  We specialize in LGBTQ+ Pride soaps, plus a fun variety of themed designs every month.




pronouns: they/them

The proclaimed Glitter Goddex of the Glitter Cult!  Cat is our 31 year old agent of chaos, lover of glitter, and user of much profanity & dirty talk.  They are often the creative powerhouse of the duo.  A mama of one, Cat and their child moved in with Raven's family in 2020.


pronouns: she/her

The High Priestess of Reason, who the Glitter Cult largely chooses to ignore.  Raven is the 34 year old glasses character, crunching numbers and running the behind the scenes.  Mama to two kiddos, wife to David, Soap Mom to many.