Pride Month 2020

In honor of Pride Month, we are happy to be giving back to our community!  For every bar of soap we sell during this time (all designs, not just our LGBTQ+ bars!), we will be donating $1 to our local LGBTQ+ community center.  With COVID-19 shutting down the Sacramento Pride March and Festival, the community center is facing a significant drop in much needed funds to provide services and support to our community.

You can check out the Sacramento LGBT Community Center and their mission statement.

Total Donation Raised:  $699!!!

Last updated:  07/01/2020 8am pst

 screenshot showing donation made of $716.05

We will be making the donation at the end of the day on June 30th and will post a screenshot of the finished donation on that day!


Here's what the community center uses its donation funds for:


  • $25 supports an individual HIV/HCV testing and counseling session.
  • $100 provides one cultural competency and diversity training for any agency, workplace, or school seeking to create an affirming and compliant environment.
  • $500 allows 100 people free youth and adult support groups and access to service referrals.
  • $1250 provides housing, transportation, and living expenses for one of our transitional living program residents for one month.
  • $5000 allows the Center to take positions and organize the community around pending administrative and legislative initiatives throughout the year, as well as participate around the clock on task forces, committees, and coalitions.
  • $10000 sends 5 youth to a weeklong national leadership conference to learn and bring advocacy tactics back to Sacramento so that we can create a more diverse and equitable region.

If you would prefer to donate directly, you can do so here.