Current Stock

Hey, where is everything??

Great question, Soap Fam!  Though we do a different themed collection every month, we do normally keep certain designs in stock year round.

However, our November 2020 launch far exceeded any launch we had had previously and nearly wiped us out of our stock entirely.  (insert Illidan: "We were not prepared!")

SO.  We are diligently replenishing our stock as quick as we can.  Because we are just two ladies who have families and jobs outside of this business, we can't make soap all day long.

Goals though, eh?

As such, we appreciate your patience with us as we work on inventory.

Here is a list of what is 100% coming back and will continue to be remade.  If you don't see them in stock, they will be coming back.  They're just either not cured yet or we haven't had the chance to remake them yet.

The entire LGBTQ+ Pride flag series.

The entire Dorothy series.

Like My Soul.

Lavender Fields Forever.

Cauldron bath bombs (the colors and fragrances for these vary every time we make them).

Bubble scoops (same as the bath bombs).

Lip balms.


If there's anything else you're dying to have us remake, please drop us a line in our Contact Us page so we know!