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Custom Soap Loaves: Design your own bars!

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Have you ever wanted to make your own soap but don't want the expense of getting all the equipment and supplies? Well, we already have all those things and we'd be happy to bring your design to life!

You pick all the colors, designs, fragrance, even request custom oil blends!  We'll execute your awesome design!  Because of the size of the batches, we do not recommend more than 6 colors for a full loaf or more than 3 colors for a mini loaf.  We try to film custom loaves for putting on our YouTube channel but we cannot guarantee yours will make it into a video.

Custom loaves come in two sizes:

A mega custom loaf yields 15 normal sized bars, plus 2 sample sized bars.

A full custom loaf yields 10 normal sized bars, plus 2 sample sized bars.

A mini custom loaf yields 3 normal sized bars, plus 2 sample sized bars.

Please include details of your custom loaf idea either in your order notes or you can email us or fill out our "contact us" page here on our website!

Domestic shipping is free on these orders (sorry international folks!).

You're welcome to send us a message here to discuss your design ideas or to send us a picture of the design you'd like to have made.

Once your design is finalized and your order has been paid for, it takes on average 4-6 weeks for your bars to be finished. The bars cure for 4 weeks and we may have to order the fragrance you'd like and wait for it to arrive. As soon as your order has been poured, we'll send you pictures of the top and also send pictures of the bars once they're cut. If you need 40 bars or more of the same design, we recommend our wholesale pricing. Please message us if you'd like to go that route!