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MISFIT Bag of Richards soap

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These bars are set as misfits because they got their... *ahem*... delicate parts cut or have an air pocket from the columns.  The bars are completely normal otherwise.  There are also a select few bars from the extra batter that went into a mini loaf and have no... parts... at all.  But they do have our stamp!


Scented in mimosa and mandarin, this fragrance is described as "mandarin orange and champagne blend with mimosa blossoms and a touch of coconut. Warm amber, vanilla, and sandalwood round out this citrus sensation."

This loaf was made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, almond oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, fragrance, and skin safe synthetic micas and/or oxides. Our palm oil is sustainably harvested and any glitter used is biodegradable plant based glitter. Because our soaps are handmade and hand cut, they may vary slightly in weight from bar to bar. Our low top soaps typically come out to approximately 4-5 ounces.